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Simple straightforward answers to your questions on outsourcing Quickbooks Accounting services to VRamaratnam & Company

What Accounting Services Can I Outsource?

Invoice generation, tracking accounts receivable, sending reminders, generating accounts receivable reports, entering bills of vendors and tracking accounts payable, aging analysis, general ledger maintenance, financial statements, trial balances P & L accounts, balance sheet, customized reports, reconciliation of checking and credit card accounts, payroll processing services, data entry, claims administration and more.

How can I Monitor My Books of Account?

Your bookkeeping information will be posted to a secure server in the country you are in, so it is easy to understand the history of every transaction. You can spot incorrect practices and quickly rectify them at their source. Check the complete history of any activity with one click. QuickBooks Online Edition maintains an Audit Trail for each transaction. You can even collaborate with your accountant or for that matter anyone you wish to let monitor information transactions. You can control who gets access to your books and what they can see and do.

Fine, But Again, Does My Location Make No Difference At All?

The system gives both your employees and those of the service provider simultaneous access to real-time company data. So you can be in any part of the world. It will still work! Everyone can log in together. You won’t have to buy software or maintain a complicated network or servers, which naturally helps you save both time and money.

What are Some Other Advantages of Using QuickBooks Online?

Several actually. Upgrading is easy and seamless as compared to the usual software upgrade process. There are no hassles with older versions and legacy issues. Your QuickBooks team in India will always use the same up-to-date version as all their customers. Hence, there will be no impact on the user as QuickBooks is upgraded. You can use a single, secure login to access multiple company subscriptions and at the same time have differing permission levels per company. Also, the QuickBooks Online Edition currently has no limit on the number of simultaneous users. You can track everything because the always-on audit trail is available for inspection 24X7 and captures every user’s every edit.

Why use Quickbooks?

  • Access books at anytime with QuickBooks on the web
  • QuickBooks has more than 60 instant business reports and dashboards
  • Invoices/statements can be sent to customers by email
  • QuickBooks can handle different accounting functions
  • QuickBooks is user friendly and economical

How much effort is involved in Outsourcing QuickBooks Accounting Services?

Very little paper information needs to be transferred overseas. We will strive to set up a “Paperless office” that will be safe and secure. However, some documents may need to be scanned, faxed, or mailed to us.

What about Online Security and Security at our Office in India?

No one can see your data online unless you allow them to. QuickBooks Online Edition encodes your transmissions with secure encryption. The facility in India has restricted access to the building and each employee has restricted access to your files and documents. No client data resides on servers in India. All employees undergo a screening process and sign confidentiality agreements.

Where do I Begin?

You can begin by completing the quick enquiry form on this site. We will have someone call you within 24 hours.