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IND AS Advisory Services

IND AS Advisory Services

With the new IND AS regulations, for many smaller and mid-sized organizations, transitioning to IND AS can seem daunting – the standards are unfamiliar, and execution can be time-consuming.

Indian entities of foreign corporates, all listed entities and Indian corporates above a specific net worth criteria require reporting as per International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) or New Indian Accounting Standards (Ind – AS).

We carry out extensive reviews, diagnostic and advisory services to ensure that the requirements under IFRS/Ind – AS are met and effectively implemented. Our IND AS consulting services have been carefully tailored to individual clients in order to reflect the specific operational, regulatory, and financial risks they face. Our dedicated teams help you navigate the process from start to finish, ensuring efficient change and minimum disruption to your business.


  • IND AS Conversion – Planning and Implementation
  • Assistance in Conversion to the new IND AS standards – Reconciliation Statements
  • Initial IND AS Impact Assessment – Highlight the key areas that will be impacted in your organization
  • Tax Implications of IND AS transition
  • Training your team on key IND AS requirements