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Technology and Digital Presence – Phygital Working

Covid 19 has given all of us one of the most compelling reasons to establish a digital presence to service our clients, while simultaneously welcoming clients into a brick-and-mortar office. As an All-India online firm of Chartered Accountants, we are living our credo of alternative thinking and looking at the crisis as a distinct opportunity.

Our physical and digital presence helps us combine both the online and offline environments by merging the best aspects of each space to accomplish a much more satisfying experience for everyone. The ‘Phygital’ work culture marries the best of both worlds for our clients, employees and stakeholders.

Phygital Working

We have leveraged technology and anchored onto a variety of ways into our work culture to keep the highly valued interpersonal interaction as a critical key component of the way we function as A TEAM.

Here is a glimpse into how our team can help you meet all your business needs:

  • Customers and employees co-exist in a 100% physical and digital world. Our employees can work from anywhere and service clients in any country.
  • We believe there will always be a mix of physical and remote working in the days to come. We have adopted a cloud based work environment for daily operations by employees and clients
  • Setting up a new business is now done completely online in India and we help our clients establish new business in India
  • All government statutory compliances like GST, TDS monthly returns and payments are online and our team uses our high speed infrastructure to ensure this is all complete without any delays.
  • Online accounting using cloud based Tally, Quickbooks and Zoho books
  • We service clients in the office and on the cloud using video conferencing and remote connectivity tools
  • Income tax return filings are done 100% online
  • Income tax scrutiny, electronic assessments and appeals are managed seamlessly using our digital infrastructure.
  • Our continuously updated, online knowledge repository consisting of work we have done over several years will help you draw on our rich experience to solve your business issues quickly and efficiently.
  • Our paperless office strengthens document security and ease of access

We have adopted the following technologies into our daily lives to provide security and an enhanced digital experience to our clients.